Mennetou sur Cher, the festival of plants



Wow of greenery that grows on the cobblestones of the medieval town of Mennetou sur Cher. Green you want it here. Yes, today after a morning at the famous flea market of Vierzon Bourgneuf, I rushed into this delightful place where the past touches us with its caresses and makes us live a few moments of dream awake.

« The festival of plants » takes us towards a ballad of troubadours with delicate accents and shimmering hues. Green plants abound, make us lose our heads, bewitch us in a whirlwind of colors and shapes.


The festival of plants of Mennetou sur Cher knows us to plant there as plants before their grace and majesty. I even saw carnivorous plants that are harmless to humans but voracious for insects, bees, flies … Explanations within reach of all are distilled by enthusiasts give us the measure of our great ignorance. I spent a moment of sweetness in a shady place to sip a drink accompanied by a homemade cake.

« The festival of plants » of Mennetou sur Cher is a success and I say bravo to the organization that knew how to amaze me by the diversity and beauty of this nature that we know so little.

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