First edition of Vierzon’s Beauty and Wellness Fair.


The Fair

A test, an adventure to better publicize the benefits of a therapeutic that according to many adherents is respectful of our bodies of tomorrow.

A Vierzon Beauty and Wellness Fair is a challenge of high level sportsman « To bring together specialists of plantar reflexology, reiki, » Zen attitude « in one place is a feat worthy of praise.

A test at Vierzon is worthy of the works of Hercules and nothing does back Ghislaine Fossé the organizer of Salon. (association 18 91 « The Bee and its Secrets »).

In this Salon Beauty and Wellness of Vierzon many interesting conferences:

Salon Beauty and Wellness of Vierzon on 1st October 2017.

Forges des Forges / The entrance is free

Contacts Association 18 91 « L’Abeille et ses Secrets » 06 11 98 45 74/06 15 34 70 98

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