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It is with humor, gouaille and relevance that this « communicant née » has made us discover her universe where the goat is queen and cheese king. An actress at the same time full of malice and kindness, she knew how to bring me to the delightful places of the delight and the gluttony.

Vierzon, she loves, it is a playground that she describes with emotion and emphasis. Mumu Biquette of Vierzon vehemently distils his love for the city that saw him born. She tells me of her incomprehension against the ethnic Vierzonnais, as also Sandrine of « Je Vierzon Positive », who seem to doubt the very existence of many assets of their city. She points out that many new arrivals have decided to come and settle in Vierzon and by choice.

A nice surprise awaited me, again an exclusivity for berrygoodvierzon.fr, a new find of the hostess (To see on the video).

Amateur of goat cheeses I could not help but taste the pyramids, dung, ash, logs …. Well you will not believe me: it’s top.


Muriel is a Vierzonese citizen and was secretary for his first job. After meeting Jean-Marc at the Plaine during a horse ride, she decides to put everything down and put her first foot on the farm. She was going to become Mumubiquette in no time, conquering his country Vierzon to reveal his talents of cheese still hidden. Some books on cheeses, pro advice and a lot of motivation and the first goat cheeses were seen early.

Today, Mumubiquette is known as the white goat! The wolf having fled for an ego problem. Its smile, its joie de vivre and its slightly hung tongue will seduce you during a next visit to the farm.


Jean-Marc was born in Vierzon, one might even say in the straw. The farmhouse was his home all his life. As a farmer’s son, he began working with his parents to deal with cash cows early on. Muriel will quickly change her flock, preferring more naughty goats.

On the farm he is the head of the crops. It manages the feeding of the animals and the good behavior of the herd. It is often crossed on the farm, on foot or on its tractor well surrounded by Jacko, Folie and Fara.

So good appetite!

WEBSITE Of Mumu biquette

Mail: muriel.bard@wanadoo.fr

Chévrerie du Bois Cherriot (timetable from 8am to 12pm and from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm)

Present on Wednesday in the market of Vierzon-village



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